Grilled Pound Cake with Berries with Bourbon Whip Cream

chef troy food 16That was easy…is the reaction after anyone makes this dessert. There are many questions a chef gets on a regular basis. How can I cook chicken so it isn’t dry? What is the best ground beef to use for a hamburger? What brand of knife is best? Why would I use anything but nonstick pans?

The list goes on and on. I will have to say the most frequent question, other than chicken, “what is a quick-easy to put together dessert that will wow my family and friends”? I have two actually but this one is the easiest. The other is my Bourbon Molasses Tiramisu, weird both have bourbon; shows you where my heart is I guess.

Grilling pound cake literally takes seconds, about 30-45 per side over a medium high heat. The coolest thing about grilling the pound cake is that it smells just like roasted marshmallows as is quickly caramelizes over the open flame. Toss the berries with a little sugar and lemon juice and it the perfect, slightly sweet, slightly tart balance for the pound cake.

The kicker is the sharp blast of bourbon to round it all out. Don’t want to make whip cream from scratch? Simply whisk the bourbon into pre-made store bought whip cream and be done with it.

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Grilled Pound Cake with Berries with Bourbon Whip Cream

• 5 Slices-Pound Cake-1 ½ “ thick slices

• 1 Pint-Raspberries, Blue Berries or Blackberries

• 1/4 Cup-Sugar

• 1/2 Each-Lemon-juice

• 1 Cup-Heavy Cream

• ¼ Cup-Powdered Sugar

• 2 Tablespoons-Jack Daniels Bourbon


1. Preheat grill for direct heat grilling to medium high heat.

2. Grill pound on both sides to slightly char, let cool to room temperature.

3. Place the berries in a mixing bowl with sugar, lemon juice and fold to coat berries.

4. Place the heavy cream, powdered sugar, bourbon in a mixing bowl and combine with a whisk.

5. Continue to mix vigorously until cream has stiff peaks, can be done in a stand-up mixer.

6. Place all but one slice of the grilled pound cake on a serving platter and spoon over berries, with their juice.

7. Top with whip cream, cut remaining piece of pound cake into small pieces.

8. Scatter over entire dessert and serve.

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